Sea Glass mobile "How To"

Besides making soap, and before making soap I have been making lots of things over the years. Most things I make for others or my family, or to sell. I have been collecting sea glass for many years on the coast here in Maine. I lov eeverything about the little tumbled unique pieces of glass.
When I was a very young girl, I remember playing near broken glass and they sparkled in the sun. I thought they were jewels! My neighbor friend and I collected them in our jewelry boxes...I sort of remember when I was told they were just pieces of broken glass and that I should never pick up glass becuase it could cut me and my young siblings could choke! Well I still like collecting glass...I have old bottles my husband has found on job sites that the ground had been dug up and I have sea glass and broken pottery just waiting to be used for something! When my husband and I tiled our bathroom I wanted to make a deco out of sea glass adn broken plates and little mirrors and such...

So back to the sea glass and the title of this post...sea glass mobile. I have decided to make this one for myself! It doesn't happen very often! Here's what I am using:
15lb moss green fishing wire
Instant Crazy Glue "home and office pen"
sea glass (if you wanted you could use tumbled glass form a craft store, sometimes the dollar stores have these as well)
an iteresting stick (mine is a slick I found heading to the wood stove until I spotted the detials of "roads" that some bugs ad made and it looks like little trails form busy workers)

You can go all small or big or mix and match them in a strand, I started out small and added larger pieces of glass. This takes a long time not a one day project (unless you don't have children etc and MAYBE this could be done in a day.) You tie a double knot around a piece of glass and make sure it's not loose and dab some glue on one side of the glass, let it dry and glue the other side. I have made only three completed strands so far. My shortest strand is about 5 inches long and will taper to the longest being abuot 10 inches. Here are some pictures and hopefully in the near future I will be posting th ecompleted project!


  1. hey! saw your thread on etsy so I thought I'd come have a look and follow your blog. Have a look at mine if you like. I'm also on the quest for more followers! :) Good luck!

  2. I love how you've tiled your bathroom!

    PS...me mums was born and raised in Augusta, ME


  3. LOVE your bathroom! I may steal this idea since my upstairs has a "beachy" feeling!

  4. do you have someplace where you shared HOW you did the sea glass tile in your bathroom. Love it! and am inspired to try it in my bathroom.

  5. Love the sea glass border in your bath. Beautiful.

    Fun mobile too. Thanks for sharing. :-)

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